Nutritionist Arzumanyan: why it is useful to eat chicken or beef liver

Nutritionist Margarita Arzumanyan told how a varied liver is good for your health.

Nutritionist Arzumanyan said that by-products are not inferior to meat in many useful characteristics, while at their price they are much more affordable. Speaking specifically about the liver, the doctor noted: one of the advantages of this product is its good absorption. There are practically no contraindications to eating liver; everyone can eat it.

Arzumanyan clarified why it is useful to eat chicken or beef liver. According to the nutritionist, their inclusion in the diet helps strengthen the immune system – this occurs due to the fact that the body receives iron and important vitamins.

“The liver is definitely useful. If you take beef or chicken, these products contain a large amount of iron, which is involved not only in hematopoiesis, but also in the functioning of the immune system. In addition, they are a source of protein, B vitamins and vitamin A, contain folic acid, selenium and zinc,” the expert listed in an interview with Sputnik radio.
The nutritionist advised consuming beef or chicken liver in amounts up to 200 grams per week.

Arzumanyan added that the diet should also contain cod liver, which is an important source of vitamin D.

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Margarita Arzumanyan Margarita Arzumanyan Health nutritionist, gastroenterologist, candidate of medical sciences