Narcologist Kizitsky explained the dangers of returning to drinking after coding

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Narcologist Iveri Kizitsky: in the worst case, drinking after coding for alcoholism can lead to death.

Psychiatrist-narcologist Kizitsky informed:

“There are only two drugs in the world for coding against alcohol dependence.”
In a conversation with Gazeta.Ru, he explained that under the influence of one of them, disulfiram, the production of liver enzymes that allow the breakdown of alcoholic beverages is blocked. Returning to drinking after encoding it will lead to the fact that the negative symptoms arising from alcohol intoxication will manifest themselves with greater force. In this case, alcohol becomes more toxic to the body.

“Depending on the quality and quantity of what you drink, it can even lead to death,” said Kizitsky.
A psychiatrist-narcologist also explained the dangers of returning to drinking after being treated with another drug, naltrexone. Its use affects those areas of the brain that, in their reactions to alcohol, contribute to the appearance of pleasant emotions and euphoria. If a person starts drinking alcohol again despite being treated with naltrexone, he risks developing a depressive disorder, the expert warned..

“Neither one nor the other drug is used as often as it seems. Most of all the coding is a placebo drug and cognitive behavioral therapy, that is, the administration of the drug is only simulated,” he shared.
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