Doctor Zaplavnova: early diagnosis is important for a 100% cure for cancer

the doctor checks the patient's condition
Therapist Kristina Zaplavnova: you can defeat cancer if you remove the tumor at the zero stage – early medical diagnosis is fundamentally important for this.

Therapist Zaplavnova said in an interview that she contributes to a 100% cure for cancer. The doctor stated that the key condition for successful, effective therapy is early diagnosis of the tumor. According to the doctor, it is important to detect a malignant formation at the stage when it forms only in the mucous membrane, without moving into tissues located deeper and more distant.

“At this stage, which is also called “cancer in situ,” neoplasm cells grow and die at the same rate. Such tumors are easy to remove, almost 100 percent of patients achieve remission after this,” Zaplavnova told
The therapist added that cancer treatment is also highly effective when the tumor is detected and removed at the first stage of its development. The tumor in this case also turns out to be small (although it is still larger than a stage zero tumor) and is quite amenable to surgery.

“Such tumors are called “early stage cancer.” It is relatively easy to treat, the five-year survival rate is close to 100 percent,” said Kristina Zaplavnova.
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