Doctor Yurochkin: “cloudy” vision may be one of the early signs of diabetes

Endocrinologist Alexander Yurochkin: blurred vision can signal too high blood sugar levels and the possible development of diabetes.

Endocrinologist Yurochkin said in a comment for ” Medikforum” that negative changes in vision can be a “warning” of the body about the development of diabetes. In particular, with this disease, the effect of “cloudy” or blurred vision occurs, when the clarity of the picture visible to the eyes is lost.

“Blurred vision may be one of the first symptoms of diabetes that a person is able to notice on their own. Almost all people with type 1 diabetes and most people with type 2 diabetes experience diabetic eye disease in the development of this disease, ”the specialist noted.
The doctor explained that the loss of vision is caused by swelling of the lens inside the eye or swelling of the retina, what happens when a person's blood sugar becomes too high.

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“Diabetes causes the normal blood vessels in the retina, the sensitive nerve layer at the back of the eye, to become damaged over time. When blood vessels are damaged, fluid can leak out of them and cause swelling of the retina,” said the expert.
Alexander Yurochkin added that “cloudy” vision can affect one eye or both eyes at once, develop gradually or occur suddenly. Blurred vision also occurs with the development of eye pathologies. If it appears due to diabetes, then a person may also experience other symptoms – increased thirst and frequent urination, severe fatigue, weight loss, skin itching.

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