Nutritionist Kovylkina: at least two days a week, alcohol should not be drunk at all

Nutritionist Oksana Kovylkina: it is extremely important to monitor the amount of alcohol consumed, as well as what is used for snacks.

Nutritionist Oksana Kovylkina recalled in interview that alcohol consumption has a significant impact on a person's physical fitness – drinking too often in many cases provokes the growth of fat deposits, especially on the abdomen and thighs. This is partly due to the caloric content of the drink itself (which also increases appetite), partly due to the fact that high-calorie or fat-stimulating foods are used for snacks with alcohol.

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“In addition, beer is taken with snacks: nuts, deep-fried dishes, sauces. It turns out that the more you drink, the more you eat,” said Kovylkina, talking to RIAMO. The expert emphasized that alcoholic beverages, including “harmless” beer, should not be consumed every day. Adhering to this principle is important in order to avoid damage to the central nervous system, liver, heart and blood vessels, an increased risk of cancer.

Only not alcohol: Rospotrebnadzor gave advice on what to drink in the heat two days a week you should not drink alcohol at all,” stated the nutritionist.
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