Doctor Parabina: causeless lack of appetite may signal kidney disease

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Doctor Elena Parabina: lack of appetite along with severe weakness may indicate that the kidneys are not coping with the function of eliminating toxins.

Nephrologist Parabina stated in an interview that unexplained weakness (which can be felt despite plenty of rest and sleep), as well as an unreasonable lack of appetite, can signal kidney disease. The doctor explained that such symptoms arise as a result of intoxication of the body, due to the fact that the kidneys do not do the necessary work of breaking down and removing toxins.

“If a person feels weak and lacks appetite for no apparent reason, then this may indicate that he is developing kidney disease. These complaints may be a direct consequence of poisoning the body with toxins, the elimination of which the kidneys can no longer cope with,” Parabina clarified in a commentary to RT.
The doctor emphasized that the kidneys are a “silent” organ, the pathology of which may go unnoticed for a long time. According to Parabina, with kidney diseases, nonspecific symptoms often occur, which are taken to be a manifestation of routine overwork or stress at work.

“A person may not pay attention to unmotivated weakness, increased fatigue, or dizziness for a long time,” the specialist added. .
Other signs that may indicate kidney disease are a metallic taste in the mouth, sleep disturbances, increased dryness and itching of the skin, and swelling.

The doctor drew attention to the fact that people with hypertension and other chronic cardiovascular disorders or illnesses, smokers, people with obesity, diabetes and sedentary professions are more prone to kidney diseases.

To prevent kidney diseases diseases Parabina advised to control the amount of salt and sugar consumed, and also not to abuse animal protein.

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Elena Parabina Elena Parabina Health nephrologist, head of the nephrology department of SamSMU Clinics