Endocrinologist Tyulganova: sweet and sour apples are permissible for diabetes

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Endocrinologist of the highest category Valeria Tyulganova answered what fruits people with diabetes can afford.

Endocrinologist Tyulganova noted in the comment chel. that for diabetes mellitus, sweet and sour apples and other fruits that are not characterized by high sugar content and a pronounced sweet taste are permissible.

“Fruits should not be sugar-sweet, but sweet and sour, for example, apples, grapefruit. Banana contains too many carbohydrates. Melon, watermelon, grapes and persimmons are very sweet and are not recommended for diabetics,” the specialist clarified.
Valeria Tyulganova added that among vegetables for diabetes, it is necessary to limit the consumption of potatoes – you should eat potatoes no more than four times a week. In addition, diabetics need to cook potatoes properly. Finely chopped, mashed or fried is not suitable for them – eating potatoes in this form increases blood sugar levels.

In general, vegetables are very useful for people with diabetes as a source of fiber, which slows down the absorption of carbohydrates in the intestinal tract. But it is important to remember that after cooking, some vegetables can have a significant increase in the glycemic index, which reflects their ability to increase blood glucose levels.

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Valeria Tyulganova Valeria Tyulganova Healthy lifestyle chief freelance endocrinologist of the Ministry of Health of the Chelyabinsk region, candidate of medical sciences