Doctor Nikulina: breakfasts made from semolina porridge harm the pancreas

semolina porridge
Therapist Irina Nikulina: if semolina porridge is consumed frequently, it threatens to overstrain the pancreas.

Doctor Nikulina warned that breakfasts made from semolina porridge are harmful pancreas. The doctor noted that such a product increases the glycemic load on the organ, and this contributes to the depletion of the gland, which has to work at its limit.

“Constantly eating semolina porridge for breakfast can lead to overstrain of the pancreas,” said Irina Nikulina in an interview with MK in Murmansk.
The doctor added that semolina porridge eaten on an empty stomach causes a sharp increase in blood sugar levels due to its saturation with simple carbohydrates. The pancreas responds by intensively producing insulin to normalize the sugar balance. Such a load negatively affects the condition of the organ.

In addition to semolina porridge, other foods with a high glycemic index, which provoke fluctuations in blood glucose, also harm the pancreas. For example, these could be cereals, pastries or sweet cheesecakes, the doctor warned.

In turn, nutritionist Alexei Kabanov said that during the first meal of porridge, long-cooked oatmeal or buckwheat is preferable. Continuing the topic of dangerous foods for the pancreas, he advised not to eat processed meats for breakfast.

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