A nutritionist reveals 2 simple tricks to help you lose weight

Dietician reveals 2 simple tricks to help you lose weight

You actually eat pretty healthy, but do you continue to eat even if you're already full? With a simple trick, you can trick your brain into automatically eating less without even noticing it. A nutritionist will show you how it works.

Those who want to lose weight often think about strict diets and abstinence, which quickly lowers their mood. There is an easy way to achieve your goal weight without giving up the foods you love.

Eating with your non-dominant hand is what it's all about

Just eat with your non-dominant hand. It sounds strange, but it works. A nutritionist explains why eating with your left hand (for lefties, of course, eating with your right hand) can help you lose weight and how you can integrate this method into your daily life.

Why you need to eat with your non-dominant hand to lose weight< /h3>
When it comes to losing weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume. It sounds simple, but in practice many people find it difficult to change old habits. With a simple trick, you can achieve your desired weight without giving up on pleasure.

“The only thing you will need to do in the future is to eat with your non-dominant hand. Thus, right-handers should eat with their left hand, and left-handers with their right,” says nutritionist Vasilisa Ponomareva specially for MedicForum.

Eating with your left hand – how useful is it for weight loss?

By eating with your non-dominant hand, you automatically eat more slowly and more consciously. This leads to you eating less because the feeling of fullness sets in after about 20 minutes.

Normally, we would have already eaten the second portion by this time and realized too late that we had already eaten too much. Mindful eating also encourages attention to portions and helps you eat smaller portions overall.

“This means that eating actually takes longer, and you are more alert because you need to coordinate your movements better. You end up eating less.”

Another method of losing weight is the mirror trick.

Another way to succeed in losing weight is the so-called mirror trick.

“Psychologists have found in a study that people who look at themselves in the mirror while eating eat less fatty foods than those who do not use a mirror. Seeing their own reflection increases self-confidence and encourages them to choose healthier foods,” says Ponomareva .

Warning: Healthy eating plays a big role in losing weight

If you think that you automatically lose weight just because you eat with your non-dominant hand or use the mirror trick, then, unfortunately, you are mistaken .

Even though there are tricks that can help you eat less, what we eat is still important.

“Only with a healthy diet rich in vegetables, legumes and whole grains will you be able to shed those extra pounds. If you continue to exercise regularly, you are on the right track.”

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