NTU will develop a smart headband to combat bruxism

Healthtech start-up Jawsense and Nottingham Trent University (NTU) Health Technology Innovation Center will work together to develop a smart headband designed to detect and reduce bruxism and temporomandibular disorders (TMD).

 NTU will develop a smart headband to combat bruxism

This smart device will use advanced sensors and algorithms to recognize bruxism and send gentle vibrations to help relax the jaw muscles, as well as inform and advise the wearer about behavior. It is expected that increased awareness will lead to people gradually learning to consciously relax their jaws and stop clenching and grinding their teeth.

“By informing people about their behavior, we can help them change it,” says Bas Borgdorff, CEO and founder of London-based JawSense, in a press release.

The headband will be designed to diagnose and treat bruxism both during wakefulness and sleep using personalized feedback. Jaw activity data will be shared in a mobile app for collaboration with healthcare providers, according to a press release.