The oncologist called a tendency to constipation a possible sign of colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer is one of the top 5 most common cancers. The position in terms of mortality is leading.

According to the General Director of the National Research Medical Research Center of Oncology of the Ministry of Health, professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Oleg Kit, colorectal cancer is one of the diseases that are called “silent killers.” It develops slowly and in the first stages practically does not manifest itself at all.

In the early stages, cancer is curable in 90% of cases, in the later stages the chances are significantly reduced.

What should alert you:

  • presence of blood and mucus during bowel movements,
  • tendency to constipation
  • alternation of constipation and diarrhea
  • general weakness
  • pallor of the skin.

What you need to do in order not to miss the disease:

  • Get tested for the presence of fecal occult blood (from 40 years old),
  • Do fibrocolonoscopy (from 45 years old)

If polyps are found in the colon, they must be removed.

Risk factors:

  • abuse of red meat,
  • diabetes mellitus,
  • chronic inflammatory diseases of the colon,
  • genetic predisposition.

— It has been proven that colorectal cancer in blood relatives, familial adenomatosis (polyposis) of the colon, as well as Lynch syndrome lead to the development of this disease,” Keith emphasized.

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