Study: If you tan properly, you can eat more and not gain weight

Endocrinologist Zukhra Pavlova spoke about an interesting study, the authors of which claim that if you sunbathe, you can eat more without gaining weight.

The researchers refer to the hormone leptin, the level of which increases after eating. Leptin can be called a reflector of the amount of fatty tissue in the body. Pavlova draws an analogy with insulin.

— When a person accumulates too much fatty tissue, the body becomes less sensitive to insulin. In the case of leptin, this is called leptin resistance – there is a lot of hormone, but little effect, the doctor noted.

When we sunbathe, ultraviolet radiation acts on leptin, its level drops, appetite increases, but due to an increase in the level of adrenal substance (norepinephrine), the synthesis of pro-inflammatory substances in adipose tissue decreases, fats are burned and less accumulated. 

At the same time, there is more energy. But what is even more surprising is that under the influence of ultraviolet light, white fat can become brown, and this is the best fat that is in the human body.

It is brown fat that can suppress inflammation of adipose tissue, improving a person’s well-being.

Excessive ultraviolet radiation is dangerous, the doctor reminds. You need to sunbathe in the morning and evening hours and for a strictly limited time.

A few more facts about leptin:

  • Leptin is involved in weight regulation, causing a decrease in appetite and reducing food consumption (with fasting, its level in the blood decreases, with overeating, it increases). 
  • In people with increased body weight, an increase in leptin concentration is observed, which is associated with resistance to the hormone.
  • An increase in leptin concentration leads to suppression of insulin secretion and contributes to the development of insulin resistance.
  • Leptin levels increase during emotional stress. 
  • Leptin levels chronically decrease with high levels of physical activity. Leptin levels decrease when testosterone levels increase and increase when estrogen levels increase. 
  • Leptin levels increase under the influence of insulin.

How to reduce leptin in the blood:

    weight loss. Leptin levels are related to the amount of adipose tissue, and reducing body weight will lead to its reduction;
  • increasing physical activity;
  • reducing food intake;
  • getting enough sleep.< /li>

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