Rich in potassium: five foods that can lower high blood pressure

Hypertension is called the “silent killer” because it may not manifest itself for a long time. If left untreated, high blood pressure can lead to dangerous conditions.

High blood pressure is a factor in many complications, including heart disease, kidney disease, strokes, heart failure and heart attacks.

One of the main causes high blood pressure is a diet that contains too much salt – it retains water.

Reducing the amount of salt you eat is one effective way to lower your blood pressure, but there are also ways to minimize its effects on the body. We're talking about potassium.

Potassium found in certain foods can help alleviate problems caused by excessive salt intake.

—The more potassium you eat, the more sodium you lose in your urine. Potassium also helps ease tension in the walls of blood vessels, which further reduces blood pressure, says a study published in Express.

Potassium is easily obtained from food. Bananas, for example, are rich in it. For every 100 grams of banana you get 330 mg of potassium, experts say.

Sweet potatoes contain 337 mg of potassium per 100 grams, pumpkin – 340 mg, dried apricots – 1162 mg, oranges – 237 mg per orange or 496 mg per glass of juice.

There is enough potassium in meat products, many cereals, jacket potatoes, wheat bran, legumes, wheat germ, as well as carrots, pumpkin, beets, radishes, peppers, cabbage, cucumbers, and avocados. In greens, and especially a lot in parsley and spinach.

Symptoms of hypertension:

  • Dizziness and headaches;
  • Feeling of pulsation in the back of the head and temples;
  • Feeling of “fog in the head”;
  • Decreased visual acuity;
  • Tinnitus and audible heartbeat ;
  • Insomnia and fatigue;
  • Decreased appetite and nausea;
  • Compressive pain in the chest.

Earlier, cardiologist Anna Korenevich said that the pills reduce blood pressure for a while, but do not cure the disease. What is important to do for healing:

  • Increase physical activity
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Reduce weight lines< /li>
  • Maintain occupational and rest hygiene
  • Give up bad habits
  • Work with stress, learn to relax
  • Reduce salt consumption
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    Important! Information is provided for reference purposes. Ask a specialist about contraindications and side effects and under no circumstances self-medicate. At the first signs of illness, consult a doctor.