Pediatrician Pasnova: dolls with long hair are dangerous for children due to possible suffocation and breathing problems

Dolls with long hair can be dangerous for children. This was reported by pediatrician Ekaterina Pasnova.

The specialist advises not to buy such dolls for small children. First, they may choke on lost hair. Secondly, swallowing such hair is dangerous.

If the hair on a toy is too long or hard, it can form a lump and get stuck in the throat, causing breathing problems and even suffocation, the doctor noted AGN “Moscow”.

It is better to choose dolls with short hair or no hair at all, recommends Pasnova.

Children often swallow various objects, toys, and food products. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including exploring the environment, playing, or accidentally putting an object in the mouth. If your child has swallowed something that is of concern, you should consult a doctor or call 911.

Small magnets are very dangerous to play with and children often put them in their mouth and swallow them.

Earlier it was reported that in Astrakhan a two-year-old patient with acute intestinal obstruction was admitted to the regional children's hospital in serious condition. During the examination, it turned out that there were 16 small magnets inside his stomach. They connected in a ring and soldered the intestinal loops, which caused tissue death. The boy was saved, according to doctors, he was on the verge of life and death.

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