Endocrinologist Pavlova: a week after giving up sugar you can lose weight and look younger

Endocrinologist Zukhra Pavlova told what will happen to the body a week after giving up sugar. She wrote about this on her blog.

Endocrinologist Zukhra Pavlova told what will happen to the body a week after giving up sugar. She wrote about this on her blog.

You will look a little younger.

— Sugar molecules negatively affect collagen and elastin, which the skin needs to look fresh. Reducing sugar levels will lead to less insulin release, which means it will help reduce chronic inflammation associated with aging, the doctor noted.

The second plus is that you can lose weight, because sugar is very high in calories, is addictive, awakens appetite. Instead of sweets, you can eat fruits and vegetables. According to Pavlova, the first changes in weight and appearance are noticeable within seven days after quitting sugar.

The third plus is that you will become happier. Sugar consumption is associated with an increased risk of depression. The cause is again chronic inflammation, which affects brain function.

— Added sugar is a leading cause of the world's obesity epidemic. Literally everything is now sweetened – from sauces to baby food, the doctor noted.

More about the dangers of sugar.

Increasing the risk of developing obesity. Sugar contains many calories but few nutrients. Excessive sugar consumption can lead to excess weight gain and obesity.

Increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Consuming large amounts of sugar can lead to decreased sensitivity of cells to insulin.

Increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Excessive sugar consumption leads to increased blood glucose and cholesterol levels, which can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Increased risk of developing caries. Bacteria in the mouth feed on sugar, which leads to the formation of acid, which destroys tooth enamel and promotes the development of tooth decay.

Negative effect on mood and energy. Consuming large amounts of sugar causes a temporary increase in mood and energy, but then leads to a decline in energy and changes in mood.

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