Doctor Efendiev: sugar and bread with yeast prevent minerals from being absorbed and prevent the strengthening of bones

It is advisable to give up sugar and yeast bread, as they prevent the strengthening of bones. This was reported by traumatologist-orthopedist Rustam Efendiev.

— It is advisable to exclude such products as yeast bread and sugar from your diet as much as possible, — he noted.

The doctor recommends replacing sugar with dried fruits, honey, jam, and eating all this in small doses. Fruits and sweet vegetables are more beneficial.

Yeast bread can be replaced with sourdough bread.

Phytic acid, which is found in cereals, also interferes with the absorption of minerals. According to the doctor, it blocks digestive enzymes. 

Why should you give up sugar for bone health? If you get carried away with it, it negatively affects the intestinal microflora, which interferes with the absorption of minerals. 

You should also reduce the amount of caffeine, as it accelerates the excretion of minerals from the body in the urine, and, of course, alcohol. Alcohol leads to loss of fluid and salts and has a toxic effect on bone tissue.

Eat more vegetables, berries and greens, supplement your diet with vitamins and mineral complexes to maintain the body. 

“Everything that appears in the season must be included in your diet,” the doctor said.

More about the factors affecting bone health and contributing to their destruction:

1. Lack of calcium and vitamin D. Lack of these important nutrients can lead to weak bones and an increased risk of osteoporosis.

2. Poor nutrition. Excessive consumption of salt, acidic foods, alcohol and smoking are bad for bone health.

3. Lack of physical activity. Lack of regular exercise can lead to bone loss and weakened bones. Exercises with weights are useful – under the guidance of an experienced trainer.

4. Hormonal changes, such as decreased estrogen levels in women during menopause, can lead to poor bone health.

5. Rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes negatively affect bone health.

6. A number of medications, including corticosteroids and anticonvulsants, can have negative effects on bones.

7. Hereditary factors play a role in bone destruction and an increased risk of developing osteoporosis.

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