Nutritionist Ilyicheva: Okroshka improves digestion and is good for regular bowel movements

Nutritionist Olga Ilyicheva explained how useful okroshka can be.

Nutritionist Ilyicheva drew attention to the fact that cold fresh potatoes present in okroshka are a source of resistant starch – a special type of fiber that serves as food for beneficial intestinal bacteria. By processing resistant starch, bacteria begin to produce short-chain fatty acids, including butyric acid, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of the intestinal walls. As a result, the intestines and its mucous membranes become better protected from damage. In addition, consuming resistant starch improves fat burning.

Ilyicheva noted that you can prepare a version of okroshka by replacing potatoes with turnips.

In addition, the nutritionist recommended using natural ingredients to season the dish.

“Okroshka seasoned with real fermented kvass, rather than a carbonated drink from a bottle, will be much more beneficial. Natural kvass contains live lactobacilli, organic acids, bacterial metabolic products – it is a living probiotic and metabiotic,” the specialist shared with RIAMO.
Okroshka can also be seasoned with natural fermented milk products – kefir, yogurt, acidophilus. The main thing is that the body tolerates them well.

“Okroshka contains a large amount of fiber, which gives a feeling of fullness and satisfies hunger for a long time, improves the functioning of the digestive system, and maintains bowel regularity,” the expert emphasized.
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