An innovative method for restoring erectile function

Intimate life is the most important component of healthy relationships and mental balance. Unfortunately, men's health does not always allow you to enjoy full intimacy. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that can occur for a variety of reasons.

If conservative methods fail, high-tech medicine comes to the rescue. One of the most effective solutions is Phalloprosthesis– installation of an implant in the penis. This procedure allows you to permanently get rid of uncertainty in bed. We will tell you more about the operation and where it can be performed at the highest level.

Indications and contraindications

Phalloprosthesis is prescribed only in extreme cases, when other methods of treatment are not gave a result. Main indications:

  • complete ineffectiveness of drug therapy and other conservative methods;
  • absolute contraindications to injection therapy and vacuum erection;
  • < li>impotence in chronic diseases and atherosclerosis;

  • erectile dysfunction after surgical interventions on the genitourinary system;
  • Peyronie's disease, anomalies of the penis, an artificial penis.

The operation has to be postponed for exacerbations of chronic diseases and infections in the genital area. An absolute contraindication is priapism – a prolonged painful erection without sexual arousal.

Types of implants

Implants are one- and three-component.
One-component consist of two filled cylinders. The penis is always erect.

An innovative method for restoring erectile function

Three-components include cylinders, pump and fluid reservoir. The reservoir is located in the abdomen, the pump is in the scrotum. When you press the pump, the liquid fills the cylinders, causing an erection.

The main advantage of three-component systems is a complete imitation of a natural erection with the ability to feel pleasure. They are produced by the leading brands Coloplast and AMS.

The course of the operation and rehabilitation

Phalloprosthesis is performed under general anesthesia with a hospital stay of 1-2 days. A small incision is made in the pubis or scrotum, a prosthesis is implanted and the wound is sutured.

Patients recover quickly after surgery. After 4-5 weeks, you can return to a full-fledged intimate life. During this time, all tissues heal.

Phalloprosthetics in the clinic “URO-PRO”

The clinic “URO-PRO” in Krasnodar already 23 years specializes in the treatment of urological problems. Here they combine rich experience with the use of modern high-precision equipment.

They will select the optimal solution according to your wishes. They will conduct a full examination in their own laboratory.
For non-residents there is a comfortable hospital. Doctors monitor the condition of patients around the clock.
The cost of penile prosthetics is from 120,000 rubles. Three-component systems – from 540,000 rubles.

Call “URO-PRO” to make an appointment for a free telephone consultation on penile prosthetics: 8 861 298 84 08
Thus, penile prosthetics is a reliable way to permanently get rid of erectile dysfunction. Modern implants provide the most natural erection. Experienced surgeons will help to carry out the operation at the highest level. Return the joy of intimacy in the clinic “URO-PRO”!

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