What's up with your waist? Nutritionist Komissarova answered whether beer can make you gain weight

man drinks beer
Nutritionist Albina Komissarova told how drinking beer can affect your weight and figure.

Answering the question whether it is possible to gain weight because of beer, nutritionist Komissarova replied that the habit of frequently drinking beer can lead to significant weight gain, and in addition to the appearance of other dangerous health problems. According to the doctor, zealous lovers of the foamy drink risk “losing” their waist, acquiring abdominal obesity with the formation of a “beer” belly.

“Frequent consumption of beer can lead to a significant increase in weight and waist circumference, increasing the chances of developing fatty disease liver and cirrhosis and the emergence of alcohol dependence,” Albina Komissarova told RIA Novosti about this.
The nutritionist clarified that doctors talk about a “beer belly” when excess fat deposits appear in the waist area. Fat deposition is considered critical when the waist circumference in men becomes more than 94 cm, in women – more than 80 cm. This type of adipose tissue has metabolic activity and its increase is associated with increased cholesterol levels and susceptibility to insulin resistance. These problems have a serious negative impact on the blood vessels and heart, increasing the likelihood of their pathologies and leading to diabetes.
“Studies have confirmed that drinking beer increases waist circumference,” Komissarova emphasized.
The nutritionist added that beer, like any other alcohol, contributes to the development of fatty liver and cirrhosis. The specialist warned that there is no safe dose of alcohol for the body; it is toxic in any quantity. The best thing you can do for your health is to stop drinking alcohol altogether.

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