Therapist Burnatskaya: a contrast shower makes it easier to endure extreme heat

Therapist Svetlana Burnatskaya shared that she helps the body more easily endure grueling hot weather.

Therapist Burnatskaya shared ways that make it easier to tolerate extreme heat , – one of them is taking a contrast shower.

“To better cope with the heat, it is recommended to avoid going outside during periods of maximum solar activity, minimize physical activity, eat light foods and take a contrast shower,” the doctor listed in an interview with RIAMO.
Svetlana Burnatskaya added that in extreme heat there is a temptation to immediately undergo very significant cooling (for example, drink something cold or quickly get to where the air conditioner is working). But it is sudden cooling during such a period that can cause serious harm to the body, since it poses a risk of exacerbation of respiratory tract diseases and other negative consequences. You should treat your body more carefully.

Also, the doctor noted, in the heat it is necessary to minimize physical activity, avoid mental stress, and avoid any stressful moments (if possible). All this in hot conditions can have a particularly negative impact on the cardiovascular system and provoke undesirable consequences in its work.

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Svetlana Burnatskaya Svetlana Burnatskaya Health general practitioner, occupational pathologist