Therapist Ladygina: rye bread is acceptable for weight loss, it helps reduce hunger

rye bread
Therapist Ekaterina Ladygina: those who want to lose weight should limit the consumption of white bread and include rye bread in the diet.

Therapist Ladygina reported in a conversation with about the benefits of rye bread for people trying to lose weight. She noted that to get rid of extra pounds, it makes sense to give up white bread, while rye bread, on the contrary, should be included in the daily diet. The doctor stated: rye bread is acceptable for weight loss, it helps reduce hunger.

“For the sake of losing weight and maintaining health, white wheat bread should be limited or removed from the diet altogether. Rye bread, on the contrary, fits into the dietary strategy, as it increases the feeling of satiety and reduces hunger compared to refined wheat bread,” the expert explained.
According to Ladygina, rye products are rich in fiber, which improves digestion, as well as short-chain fatty acids acids, which are the main source of energy for the cells of the colon mucosa. When rye bread is digested, glucose enters the blood more slowly, which prevents the release of large amounts of insulin, thereby protecting the body from gaining fat mass.

“Glucose from rye bread is absorbed more slowly in the intestines due to differences in the type and amount of dietary fiber, phytochemicals, amino acids and fermentation products,” the doctor said.
However, the doctor drew attention to the need to observe moderation in eating bread, even something as healthy as rye. During a meal, you should eat no more than 50 grams, the specialist emphasized.

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