Therapist Kondrakhin: children's champagne can be poison for some people

Therapist Andrei Kondrakhin said: children's champagne can harm the body no worse than real “adult” alcohol.

Therapist Kondrakhin spoke about why children's champagne should not be perceived as a harmless drink, which was created as harmless entertainment on New Year's Eve. The specialist warned that for some people, children's champagne may turn out to be “real poison.”

“This has nothing to do with champagne, because what is poured in the bottle is basically a highly carbonated drink. It itself is high in calories… Large amounts of carbohydrates also lead to increased acidity and increased sugar. Therefore, for patients with diabetes mellitus, this is generally poison,” Kondrakhin explained to Life.
The doctor added that strong carbonation of the drink leads to an increase in carbon dioxide levels, which leads to stomach problems, exacerbation of gastritis, and ulcers.

It is better not to allow children to drink more than one glass of such champagne on New Year's Day.

Earlier, the portal wrote that champagne, when mixed with other alcohol, can seriously harm the condition of internal organs.

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Andrey Kondrakhin Andrey Kondrakhin Healthy lifestyle physician-therapist, candidate of medical sciences