Therapist Drapkina explained the need to eat lentils

lentil dish
Therapist, professor Oksana Drapkina: eating lentils helps improve the condition of the intestinal tract and normalize blood sugar levels.

Therapist Drapkina explained the need to eat lentils during the winter cold. This type of legume is useful as one of the best plant sources of protein.

“Lentil protein is easily digestible, and in amino acid composition it is practically not inferior to meat,” Drapkina told AiF.
Another plus of lentils is their high content of folic acid and B complex vitamins. In addition, they are rich in fiber, which helps the development of beneficial intestinal microflora.

In addition, eating lentils has a beneficial effect on the balance of blood sugar. This property is provided by a large amount of its complex carbohydrates. If we talk about microelements, then lentils can provide the body with manganese and zinc.

“The high content of copper and iron helps prevent iron deficiency anemia, and potassium helps normalize the functioning of the heart and muscles,” added Oksana Drapkina.
Lentils also contain polyphenols as antioxidants. These substances have an antitumor effect and improve protection against cancer.

The expert noted that lentils need to be cooked properly. For some diseases, it may be contraindicated.

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