Sports doctor Melekhin: why running and riding a scooter are dangerous

a girl running in the park
Sports doctor Ilya Melekhin: jogging is especially dangerous if you are overweight.

Many people start jogging during the warm season, however sports doctor Melekhin said that such summer jogging is more likely to harm the body than help improve physical fitness. He noted that if you have joint problems or are overweight, jogging is contraindicated.

“If you have problems with the knee joints, running is not recommended, especially if you are overweight,” the specialist said in a radio commentary Sputnik.
Ilya Melekhin warned that people who go to the park in the summer and start running on asphalt paths there risk “killing” their knees (they experience enormous stress due to running on a hard surface).  The higher the body weight, the higher the load on the knee joints, so jogging in the summer park if you are overweight actually destroys them.

“Walking is better, even at a high pace, it is less destructive for the knees,” said sports doctor.
He added that another useful type of exercise (as opposed to running) is cycling or swimming.

Melekhin also explained why he considers riding a scooter dangerous. The expert emphasized that a scooter is a difficult sports equipment that requires good body balance – when it changes, the likelihood of falling sharply increases.

“A scooter is not physiological. A person stands on it with one foot, and pushes with the other. The load is distributed incorrectly,” the expert clarified.
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