Russian doctors named hibiscus tea among three super drinks for health

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Russian doctors, who became experts in Elena Malysheva’s health program, spoke about the most useful drinks for improving health.

From the explanation doctors (ophthalmologist Mikhail Konovalov, cardiologist German Gandelman, immunologist Andrei Prodeus) conclude that some drinks are “super drinks” that immediately have a very significant potential for benefit to the body.

Smoothie with currants and carrots. Ophthalmologist Konovalov advised preparing a superdrink in the form of a smoothie from various fruits crushed in a blender, such as black currants, spinach, carrots, bananas. The doctor stated that such a smoothie is especially useful for maintaining the health of the visual organs – it helps improve the condition of the retina, which can greatly weaken with age.

Coffee.According to Dr. Gandelman, drinking two cups of black coffee without sugar per day reduces the likelihood of developing diabetes by 25 percent. Elena Malysheva, in turn, added that as a superdrink, coffee has other health benefits.

“Coffee, among other things, lowers blood pressure and protects against Alzheimer’s disease,” said the TV presenter and doctor of medical sciences.
Hibiscus.Ruby red tea made from hibiscus flowers was also named by Russian doctors as one of the three superdrinks for health. In particular, it is known to have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Hibiscus contains a lot of ascorbic acid, due to which it improves the condition of vascular walls and promotes the elasticity of blood vessels, which is important for normalizing blood pressure. Hibiscus also contains valuable antioxidants that can prevent the formation of fatty deposits and plaques in the arteries. In addition, due to its saturation with vitamin C, it effectively supports the functions of the body’s immune system.

“Hibiscus is a super drink that strengthens the immune system,” stated Professor Andrei Prodeus.
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