Oncologist Shchepelyaev assessed the effect of chicken on the development of cancer and advised eating less of it

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Oncologist, immunologist Daniil Shchepelyaev: frequent consumption of chicken can have a negative effect on the body.

Oncologist Shchepelyaev assessed the effect of chicken on the development of cancer in a commentary The doctor stated that addiction to this meat can play the role of a trigger in the development of colorectal cancer.

“Frequent consumption of chicken can provoke colon or rectal cancer,” said Daniil Shchepelyaev.
The doctor added that the exact The relationship between eating chicken meat and the occurrence of cancer has not yet been established. The additives present in it may have a suspected carcinogenic effect. The specialist advised eating less of this type of meat.

“You shouldn’t eat a lot of chicken: as a rule, it contains a large amount of hormones,” the oncologist recommended.
Shchepelyaev emphasized that to maintain good health, it is important to adhere to a balanced diet: preference should not be given to a limited range of foods. The doctor drew attention to the fact that the abuse of animal products is generally a bad habit (especially when it comes to highly industrially processed or mass-produced products). A variety of meats is a good source of protein, iron and many other beneficial elements. But it should be consumed strictly in moderation.

The oncologist postulated that sufficient fiber intake is important for the prevention of colorectal cancer, so the daily diet should contain a variety of plant foods – vegetables, herbs, legumes, whole grain cereals.

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