Nutritionists Voit and Beleva: kefir and meat help you look younger

Russian nutritionists Kristina Voigt and Elvira Beleva said that kefir and meat are among the foods that help you look younger.

Although there are no magic foods , stopping time, a well-designed diet helps you look much younger than your “passport” years. Nutritionists shared in an interview with Izvestia exactly what foods should be consumed for this purpose.

“The right choice of foods helps maintain skin elasticity, as well as reduce weight, which is considered an absolute factor in aging,” stated Christina Voigt.< br>The expert clarified that food affects how the body synthesizes hormones, creates antibodies and maintains the immune system – these processes largely determine its ability to maintain youthfulness.

In turn, nutritionist Beleva noted that foods help look younger , improving the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract (in particular, kefir).

“Fermentation and fermentation products are traditionally considered the key to prolonging youth. These include regular kefir, without sugar and flavoring additives, and aged fermented cheese. Other naturally fermented products that contain beneficial bifidocultures are also good: for example, sauerkraut,” Elvira Beleva specified.
Another “product of youth” is cruciferous vegetables. Rich in fiber, they improve metabolic processes and activate the processes of removing unwanted, toxic components from the body (which has a positive effect on the condition of the skin).

Also, nutritionists added, eating high-quality meat helps you look younger.

“The fact that giving up meat prolongs youth is a myth. A person at any age needs complete animal protein. Its deficiency does not have the best effect on one’s appearance: the skin becomes dry and flaccid, the hair becomes brittle and lifeless,” experts warned.
In addition to meat, nutritionists advised eating egg whites, fish, and poultry – these are also useful sources of animal protein, which contain the body needs.

Other products that help you look younger, they named beets, buckwheat, unrefined vegetable oils, sesame seeds, green tea, cloves.

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