Nutritionist Zhuravleva: giving up soups does not harm your health

Nutritionist Polina Zhuravleva: the health benefits of soups are often exaggerated.

Not all people like soup, but this dish is considered a must-have. Nutritionist Zhuravleva said in an interview that the need to eat soup every day is a myth: there is no physiological need for its consumption.

The expert noted that refusing soups from the diet due to a reluctance to consume them is quite appropriate – such a refusal is not harmful to health. Moreover, it can even be useful to refuse such a dish.

“Not all soups have such beneficial qualities. Often soup is a completely useless dish. If you overcooked the vegetables, and the broth turned out to be fatty, then such a soup may even be harmful,” the specialist explained in a comment to the Public News Service.
Polina Zhuravleva added that the diet should provide the human body with essential nutrients, such as protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, microelements, and fiber. Whether he receives these substances in the form of soup or in the form of main courses, it does not matter, they will still be absorbed. Along with the soup, the body also receives the liquid it needs in a certain volume. But if you refuse soups, it is enough to drink unsweetened teas, decoctions, fruit drinks and compotes, and water. Health will not suffer in any way.

“Soup is simply a state of food, like water – crystalline, gaseous or liquid. Its benefits are overhyped, as are the benefits of bone broth. The most beneficial liquid for the body is pure water,” the nutritionist summarized.
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