Nutritionist Tikhanycheva: you shouldn’t eat oatmeal when you have a cold

Nutriciologist Zhanna Tikhanycheva told when you should not eat oatmeal.

Nutritiologist Tikhanycheva said that you should not eat oatmeal during a cold.< br>
“Oatmeal is considered a mucus-forming product. Its use can worsen cold symptoms,” the expert shared with Moscow 24.
Tikhanycheva added that oatmeal should be excluded from the diet for the time when there is a wet cough or runny nose.

The nutritionist drew attention to the fact that oatmeal, which requires quite a long time of cooking, is beneficial for the body. Oatmeal and instant porridge have a high glycemic index – when consumed, sharp jumps in blood sugar levels occur and insulin secretion increases, which negatively affects the pancreas.

The expert explained that oatmeal made from whole grains or long-cooked flakes, which has many beneficial properties, should not be consumed daily. The diet should be more varied, besides, oats contain substances that can interfere with the absorption of some microelements.

“I recommend preparing the porridge in water with spices, and serving with a spoon of butter, with berries or baked fruits. If you eat this oatmeal once or twice a week, your body will get maximum benefit.”
Earlier, the portal wrote that increased appetite may be a sign of hidden diabetes.

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