Nutritionist Surzhik: dairy and fermented milk products should be consumed daily

dairy products
Nutritionist Alexandra Surzhik: milk fat is the main source of vitamin A for the body.

Nutritionist Surzhik said that dairy products contain saturated fats, a certain the amount of which should be present in the diet.

“Using only low-fat foods is not recommended. The fat component gives a feeling of taste and saturation, allows you to enjoy eating… Milk fat is the main source of vitamin A, it also contains other useful substances,” the specialist shared with Gazeta.Ru.
Nutritionist Surzhik emphasized that dairy and fermented milk products should be consumed daily.

“You should consume three servings of different dairy products per day. For a liquid product, one serving is 200 ml, for a spoonful – 125-150 ml,” the expert clarified.
The specialist noted that one should strive for a variety of natural products in the diet, as this effectively stimulates the development of intestinal microflora. The same principle applies to the consumption of milk-based products – fermented milk and dairy products. The daily diet should include kefir, fermented baked milk, milk, cottage cheese, yoghurts, and so on – including in the form of additives and components of various dishes. For example, you can prepare salad dressings using yoghurt or matsoni, add milk to tea, or drink various fermented milk drinks.

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Alexandra Surzhik Alexandra Surzhik Healthy lifestyle nutritionist, candidate of medical sciences