Nutritionist Solomatina: why storing bread in the freezer makes bread healthier

Nutritionist Elena Solomatina explained why it is preferable to store bread in the refrigerator.

Nutritionist Solomatina stated that storing bread in the freezer makes bread healthier and explained why. According to the doctor, this method extends the shelf life of the product and, in addition, reduces its glycemic index. This means that blood sugar and insulin levels rise more slowly after eating it, which prevents fat storage and metabolic problems.

“Bread contains starch, and if it is refrigerated, it becomes resistant. After consuming it as food, a person’s blood glucose level increases less, and fat is not stored as extra pounds,” Solomatina shared with Vechernyaya Moskva.
Bread from the freezer also becomes healthier because it is digested more slowly, prolonging the feeling of fullness. In addition, this bread more effectively nourishes the intestinal microbiota, the nutritionist explained.

A wooden bread box is not suitable for storage.Elena Solomatina clarified that the correct way to store bread is to keep it in closed containers made of natural materials. Plastic bags or a wooden bread box are not suitable for this. The bread that is stored in them begins to quickly suffer from humidity and acquires pathogenic microflora.

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