Nutritionist Redina: bread is not an essential product

bread is cut with a knife
Nutritionist Olga Redina: today store-bought bread may contain many undesirable additives.

High-quality bread is considered healthy for various reasons, the nutritionist said Redina.

“Bread contains carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals,” she noted in an interview with “Evening Moscow.”
Thus, eating bread promotes long-term satiety, normalizes digestion, and provides energy. Its other undoubted advantage is the content of B complex vitamins, which are needed by the nervous and circulatory systems and the brain.

At the same time, nutritionist Redina stated, bread is not an essential product. Avoiding it will not harm you if your diet contains enough fiber, vitamins and microelements.

“You can avoid bread altogether because there are other sources of carbohydrates and nutrients, such as cereals, vegetables, fruits or nuts.”
Redina drew attention to the fact that bread may be a product that the body cannot tolerate (as a rule, there is an intolerance to some components, for example, gluten). According to the expert, people with allergies to wheat and gluten are better off not eating it.

The nutritionist added that today's bread often contains unwanted and potentially harmful artificial additives in the form of flavors, sweeteners, low-quality fats, and preservatives. Bread may also contain a lot of salt and sugar. Such a product certainly cannot be irreplaceable.

“If you decide to exclude bread from your diet, you can easily find a replacement for it. And if you are planning to give up bread because you are watching your figure, then replace it with bread,” the nutritionist advised.
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