Nutritionist Mosley named sauerkraut among foods that protect against melanoma

According to British nutritionist Michael Mosley, sauerkraut and other foods with probiotics have a beneficial effect on skin health.

Nutritionist Mosley spoke about products that the use of which helps improve the condition of the skin and helps prevent skin diseases, including skin cancer. The specialist told TimesNewsUK that the health, appearance and youthfulness of the skin are closely dependent on the condition of the intestines and its bacterial balance.

“A healthy intestinal microbiome protects the skin from pathogenic bacteria, participates in the formation of skin immunity, and exhibits an antioxidant effect that neutralizes the harmful effects of the environment,” explained Michael Mosley.
The expert stated that the use of foods with prebiotics has a positive effect on the state of the intestinal microflora (fiber) and probiotics (good bacteria). By improving the health of the intestinal tract, such products also strengthen the health of the skin. Thus, nutritionist Mosley named sauerkraut among the foods that protect against melanoma.

“There are prebiotics in leeks, and probiotics in sauerkraut and yogurt.”
The expert also recommended eating plant foods: vegetables, herbs. Eating them effectively helps prolong the youth of the skin.

“Plant products contain many anti-aging compounds, in particular carotenoids, which contribute to the antioxidant protection of cells, slowing down aging,” stated the nutritionist.
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