Cardiologist Novikov: feeling of suffocation and panic attacks may indicate cardioneurosis

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Cardiologist Egor Novikov: cardioneurosis can develop due to stress or psychological experiences.

Cardiologist Novikov said that in people with cardineurosis, the nervous system and heart begin to malfunction at the same time. It often occurs in those who do not cope well with stress, who are susceptible and suspicious. People with weak hearts are also susceptible to cardionervosis.

“Cardioneurosis is associated with dysfunction of the heart and nervous system; in most cases, the disease occurs due to prolonged stress, anxiety, psychological experiences or nervous disorders,” Novikov said “AiF.”
The cardiologist added a feeling of suffocation and panic attacks may indicate a person has cardiac neurosis, and named its other symptoms.

  • Acute squeezing or burning pain in the chest.< /li>
  • Arrhythmia, in which the pulse becomes very fast.
  • Problems with breathing.
  • Dizziness, loss of control over the body.
  • Severe weakness.
  • Increased irritability, hyperexcitability.

The doctor emphasized that the condition of cardionervosa requires observation by a cardiologist and treatment. Without proper therapy, it can lead to chronic heart disease.

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