Nutritionist Kuzina shared options for healthy desserts

healthy dessert
Nutriciologist Katerina Kuzina: the usefulness of desserts is determined by the composition of their ingredients and low calorie content.

Nutriciologist Kuzina noted in an interview with “Evening Moscow”:< br>
“For sweet desserts to be healthy, you need to carefully select ingredients.”
The specialist shared her opinion that people who cannot do without sweets should prepare delicacies themselves. In this case, you can be sure that its composition will be natural, not containing excess sugar or components of artificial origin, trans fats.

Nutritionist Kuzina shared options for healthy desserts. One of them is sorbet. When making it, you can do without added sugar, and such a dessert can provide the body with vitamins and minerals.

Another option for a healthy dessert is natural banana ice cream.

“Sweet teeth can make ice cream based on mashed frozen bananas. It will not contain sugar or fatty ingredients, and will be useful as an additional source of vitamins and fiber,” explained Kuzina.
The expert named fruit and berry jelly and baked apples with nuts and honey as other healthy desserts.

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