Nutritionist Kruglova advised to dilute coffee with milk in the heat

coffee with milk
Nutritionist Natalia Kruglova: coffee, drinks and foods with caffeine should be consumed strictly in moderation in the heat.

Nutritionist Kruglova noted in an interview that caffeine in hot weather is one of the undesirable food components. The heat of summer already becomes a serious test for blood vessels, exposing them to the risk of spasms that contribute to pressure fluctuations. Coffee and caffeine can exacerbate this problem, making blood pressure spikes more dramatic and dramatic.

In addition, coffee and caffeinated foods and drinks have a diuretic effect and increase fluid loss in the body, exacerbating the problem of dehydration. Nutritionist Kruglova said that coffee in the hot summer should be drunk strictly in small quantities and advised to dilute it with milk.“One or two cups of coffee a day will be enough. It is better to drink coffee with milk so that it is a less concentrated drink, ”the doctor said in a comment for RT.
The specialist emphasized that in the heat it is important not only to drink enough fluids to prevent the development of dehydration, but also to help the body replenish the microelements that it intensively loses with sweat and urine. To do this, in addition to pure water, you need to use mineral water, drinks with electrolytes, natural fruit drinks and compotes that do not contain sugar. food, the diet should include vegetables, fruits in the form of salad, cold soups and do not forget about the sources of protein foods – these can be dairy products, fish, poultry. During the hot season, it is better to give up fatty meat and sausages, ”the expert postulated.
Earlier, the portal wrote that nutritionist Irina Pisareva advised not to combine buckwheat with milk and named other undesirable food combinations.

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