Nutritionist Koroleva explained what is best to combine white bread with

white bread
Nutritionist Margarita Koroleva noted that white bread is quite appropriate in combination with vegetable salad.

Therapist and nutritionist Koroleva named the “bad” and “good” combination of white bread with other foods. According to the doctor, it is undesirable to combine meat with white bread, since the bread swells in the stomach, making it difficult to digest meat protein. Margarita Koroleva warned that poorly digested protein can become an activator of inflammatory processes and harm the body.

Nutritionist Koroleva explained what is best to combine white bread with. This product is rich in simple carbohydrates and calories and can cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels. To compensate for this undesirable effect, you should eat foods rich in plant fibers and fiber: vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts. Plant fibers slow down digestion and prevent sugar from quickly penetrating into the blood, while they stimulate the development of beneficial intestinal microflora and improve the quality of food digestion. Bread in combination with them can provide long-lasting satiety and energy to complete all daily tasks.

“Bread with salad greens, vegetables, including grilled ones, between meals is a completely appropriate story,” stated nutritionist Koroleva in a comment for Moscow 24.
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