Nutritionist Kabanov warned about trans fats in meat and dairy products

meat and milk
Nutritionist Aleksey Kabanov: a combination of trans fats and saturated animal fats is dangerous for the body.

Considered the most harmful type of fat, trans fats are also present in natural, in many ways useful products, nutritionist Kabanov said in an interview.

“Natural trans fats can be found in meat and dairy products,” the specialist shared with the Pravda portal. En.
Kabanov noted that, according to their origin, trans fats are divided into artificial and natural. Artificial (for example, margarine) are produced industrially. Natural trans fats appear as a result of the activity of bacteria that inhabit the intestines of ruminants.

“For example, butter contains 5% of natural trans fats,” Kabanov clarified.
He stated that animal products, including milk, contain trans fats combined with saturated fats, and this combination is potentially harmful to the body – especially if these products are consumed regularly, in large quantities.

“ Regular consumption of such products can lead to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and atherosclerosis.”
The nutritionist called fast food the “record holder” for the content of trans fats. It is better to completely avoid its use, the specialist is convinced.

Earlier, the portal wrote that harmful food combinations were named by the doctor Maria Belyaeva.

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Alexey Kabanov Aleksey Kabanov Healthy lifestyle dietitian, deputy director of ANO Research Center “Healthy Eating”