Nutritionist Gusakova: food eaten before bed cannot rot in the body

The specialist debunked one of the popular dietary myths.

Nutritionist Veronika Gusakova did not support the idea that food eaten before bed can rot in the body , as is often stated.

“The rotting of foods in our intestines is impossible, these conditions would lead to severe pathological conditions such as sepsis,” the expert noted in an interview with the portal.
Nutritionist Gusakova clarified that the processes of digesting food at night and during a person’s sleep continue to occur, they do not stop. However, although the body continues to produce digestive enzymes, its metabolism is not carried out as actively as during the day, it slows down – this is influenced by circadian rhythms.

Therefore, during late evening meals you should limit yourself to light dishes, Gusakova emphasized. She advised choosing protein foods in combination with vegetables.

Earlier, the portal wrote that eating tomatoes can negatively affect the health of older people.

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