Nutritionist Gervasio: Avoiding foods with added sugar helps boost metabolism

giving up sweets
Nutritionist Katherine Gervasio: after the age of 40, avoiding foods with added sugar helps maintain a slim figure.

Nutritionist Gervasio noted that fat mass increasing without objective reasons is one of the characteristic signs of a slowdown in metabolism in adults.

“After 40 years, many people complain of growing volumes and the appearance of folds on the body, although the diet remains the same, the level of mobility remains the same,” – the expert stated.
According to the nutritionist, the main culprit for this slowdown in metabolic processes, leading to obesity, is a variety of sweetened foods. In turn, avoiding foods with added sugar helps speed up your metabolism. The portal informed about this.

“Store-bought desserts with a long shelf life, which contain large amounts of refined sugar and harmful fats, are especially dangerous,” said Catherine Gervasio.
The nutritionist warned that especially It is harmful to eat foods with added sugar on an empty stomach – this is fraught with sudden surges in sugar, which have a bad effect on metabolism. Instead of ready-made sweets, the specialist advises eating berries and fruits, which provide the body with vitamins, minerals and fiber that are missing in ready-made desserts.

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