Nutritionist Beluga advised avoiding sugar in the autumn diet

Nutritionist Evgenia Belyuga: a large amount of sugar in the autumn diet negatively affects the immune system.

Nutritionist Beluga said in an interview that with the onset of cold weather, the amount of sugar consumed should be especially carefully controlled. She advised avoiding sugar in the autumn diet in order to increase the body’s resistance to seasonal infections.

“By consuming sugar in large quantities, we can disrupt the functioning of our immune system, and in this state it will be more difficult to resist viruses during seasonal diseases,” – the specialist explained in an interview with Gazeta.Ru.
Also, Evgenia Belyuga recalled, addiction to sugar-containing foods often leads to excess weight and metabolic problems, which raises a real threat of developing insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes type.

The expert stated that the autumn diet as a whole should be as carefully selected as possible, balanced, healthy, containing many vitamins and microelements. This is important for maintaining the functions of the immune system, preventing its decline and poor health. Beluga recommended enriching the menu with seasonal products (for example, pumpkin or zucchini), more often preparing thick vegetable soups (mashed soups) and chicken broth.

The portal previously wrote that addiction to sugar increases the risk cancer diseases.

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