Narcologist Isaev: among strong alcoholic drinks, rum is the safest for the liver

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Psychiatrist-narcologist Ruslan Isaev: cognac as a strong alcoholic drink can be the most harmful for the liver.

Narcologist Ruslan Isaev spoke in an interview about the effect of strong alcoholic drinks on the liver. According to the specialist, among such strong alcoholic drinks, rum is the safest for the liver – more precisely, it acts less aggressively on it compared to other drinks. He also isolated tequila along with rum.

“If you try to rank the types of strong alcoholic drinks from dangerous to most dangerous, then in first place you can put rum, which contains zinc, potassium, phosphorus and has a slightly less aggressive effect on the liver. Tequila, which is usually consumed with salt and lemon, releases sodium chlorine and vitamin C into the body, which slightly reduces the hangover,” Isaev shared with Gazeta.Ru.
The narcologist also commented on the effect of cognac on the liver. Ruslan Isaev stated that this drink is one of the most dangerous types of strong alcohol for the liver. The fact is that cognac must be stored for a long time, and during this time a significant amount of harmful substances is formed in it.

“Large doses of cognac usually lead to a severe hangover and an aggressive effect on the liver,” the specialist warned.< br>The narcologist placed another strong alcoholic drink – vodka – in the middle of the list.

Isaev drew attention to the fact that the liver is often “hit” not by strong drinks, but, on the contrary, by low-alcohol drinks in the form of beer or cocktails. They are not perceived as harmful and are often consumed in large quantities.

The narcologist advised to remember that there are no harmless alcoholic drinks for the liver. In any case, when the organ has to break down alcohol, dysfunctional processes associated with cell damage occur.

“The toxic substance acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, which is formed as a result of the breakdown of ethanol, inevitably causes degeneration and death of liver cells,” the expert warned.
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