Psychiatrist Kuzmishcheva called the “symptom of turning the head”, which indicates dementia

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Psychiatrist Elena Kuzmishcheva: a person’s dementia can be revealed by symptoms that are not obvious at first glance.

Psychiatrist Kuzmishcheva spoke in an interview about how dementia, which develops as a result of brain damage (for example, injuries, diseases, tumors, toxic substances), can manifest itself. Dementia is a cognitive deficit, that is, loss of the ability to analyze, think logically and remember. In severe cases, such significant dementia develops that the person’s personality is lost.

Speaking about the signs of dementia, Kuzmishcheva called its first obvious manifestations the following changes:

  • Memory deterioration, which extends to everyday, current events;
  • Loss of interest in what previously interested me;
  • Difficulties with planning and the inability to independently solve everyday problems that arise, routine problems.

The psychiatrist added that atypical symptoms may also indicate dementia manifestations. The specialist called the “symptom of head turning”, which indicates this problem.

“There is a symptom of turning the head, when a doctor asks a question, and a person turns towards his companion and looks for some kind of hint or help from him – he himself cannot give an answer.”
Also with dementia, a person, instead of a succinct answer, can give a lengthy answer. and reason for a long time, so that in the end the question itself and the purpose of questioning are forgotten.

“There is also such a collecting behavior, when the reception is finished, the person gets up and begins to collect everything from the table – both his own and someone else’s,” – added Kuzmishcheva in a conversation with the portal
Earlier the portal wrote that a person with dementia often starts asking about the same thing.

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