Malysheva: it’s healthier to eat tomatoes with garlic – lycopene is better absorbed this way

Elena Malysheva stated that in combination with garlic, tomatoes become healthier for the body as a source of the antioxidant lycopene.

Host of health programs, Doctor of Medical Sciences Elena Malysheva reported that it is useful to eat tomatoes with garlic, since lycopene is better absorbed this way. Science associates the use of this antioxidant with more powerful anti-cancer protection (in particular, lycopene is considered a means of preventing prostate cancer, as well as breast tumors).

“Garlic doubles the absorption of lycopene, which protects our eyes, vision, protects men from prostate cancer, and women from breast cancer,” stated Elena Malysheva.
In addition, lycopene improves the ability of liver cells to regenerate and increases the organ’s protection from infections.
In turn, tomatoes and other products that contain it should not be eaten in combination with foods rich in iron – such a “combo” interferes with the process of absorption of an important substance.

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