“Increases the risk of cancer”: oncologist Cheryomushkin explained the carcinogenic effect of fried meat

shish kebab
Oncologist Evgeniy Cheremushkin: kebab contains carcinogenic substances.

Oncologist Evgeny Cheryomushkin warned that fried meat has a carcinogenic effect and its frequent consumption may well be a factor accelerating the formation of malignant tumors. Cheryomushkin explained the carcinogenic effect of fried meat by the fact that in this product, during aggressive heat treatment, substances are formed that can specifically affect the cells of the body and provoke their mutations.

“Red meat itself increases the risk of developing cancer. And during frying, additional carcinogenic substances accumulate in it. “Kebab contains substances that can cause cancer,” the oncologist said in a comment to
The doctor added that cooked kebab is a source of such a carcinogen as benzopyrene. This substance, which occurs during frying and the formation of a golden brown crust, is considered one of the most dangerous in its negative impact on the human body. In addition, if you use ready-made kebab from the store, it is usually marinated with compounds containing preservatives. These components of ready-made marinades can cause a variety of adverse reactions from the body, the specialist warned.

Oncologist Cheryomushkin postulated that red meat in general should be consumed very moderately, especially by people with gastrointestinal diseases. For those who still plan to spend the May weekend with the obligatory preparation of them, the doctor advised to always eat shish kebab in combination with a generous portion of vegetables and herbs.

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Evgeny Cheryomushkin Evgeny Cheryomushkin Healthy lifestyle oncologist, candidate of medical sciences, senior researcher at the Institute of Clinical Oncology of the Russian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences