Fitness trainer Miklas: brisk walking can help you lose weight

Fitness trainer Denise Miklas gave tips on how to walk to become slimmer.

Trainer Miklas shared the rules of walking to help you lose weight in comments to the Daily Mirror. She stated that to achieve this goal, two key rules must be followed. First: you should walk at a fast pace.

“To lose weight while walking, the first thing to consider is the intensity of walking. More calories are burned if you walk at a brisk pace or climb a hill,” shared Denise Miklas.
The fitness trainer named a calorie deficit as the second rule for losing weight. While maintaining your usual physical activity, Miklas says you should reduce your caloric intake by 3,500 calories per week. Or increase your physical activity so that it additionally burns the same amount of calories. This can be done, among other things, by walking briskly.

Earlier, the portal wrote that some symptoms that occur when walking up the stairs allow one to suspect that a person has certain diseases.

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