Express: yogurt combined with citrus for breakfast hurts the stomach

yogurt with berries
Doctor Sergei Vyalov added that you should also be more careful about eating food containing pepper.

At first glance, a healthy breakfast – yogurt combined with citrus fruits – can actually provoke a deterioration in well-being, excessive gas formation and bloating. The fact that such a breakfast option harms the stomach was reported by the Express publication, citing the expert opinion of doctors. -for the peculiarities of the composition of the products,” said, in particular, the pharmacist Abbas Kanani.
Kanani noted that some people are lactose intolerant, the sugar found in milk-based products. With such intolerance, their use leads to abdominal discomfort and excessive gas, diarrhea, constipation, and nausea. The expert advised to always listen to the body, its reactions to dairy and other products.

“If you have problems with the intestines, flatulence and a general deterioration in well-being, this may be due to lactose intolerance,” said the pharmacist.< br>The specialist added that in cases where there is gastritis or irritable bowel syndrome, a breakfast of yogurt and fruit can exacerbate the problem, exacerbate conditions.

In turn, nutritionist Natalie Olsen advised eating Greek yogurt for breakfast – its use has a positive effect on the condition of bones and blood pressure, and reduces the risk of diabetes. This product contains many useful substances – for example, vitamin B12, calcium, iodine.

Eating yogurt for breakfast has a hypotensive effect

Russian doctor Sergey Vyalov recommended caution in eating dishes containing pepper. The spice activates intestinal motility and diarrhea can become a consequence of this.

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