Endocrinologist Young: garlic and mackerel help better control sugar cravings

sweet pie
Endocrinologist Ekaterina Young named foods that help suppress acute cravings for sweets.

Endocrinologist Jan spoke about products that help better control sugar cravings. The specialist named garlic as one of these products. According to Young, a strong desire to eat sweet foods correlates with high blood sugar levels, and garlic contains sulfates that help normalize blood glucose levels.

In addition, stabilizing blood sugar levels (as well as normalizing carbohydrate metabolism ) contributes to chromium, a useful source of which is mackerel. Thus, garlic and mackerel help to better control sugar cravings.

Ekaterina Young added that dessert lovers need to more often replace ready-made industrial sweets with berries. Their consumption satisfies the need for a sense of sweet taste, while the berries contain many useful things: their fiber and antioxidants help prevent surges in blood sugar levels, the consequence of which is an acute craving for sweets.

Another product, almonds, contains a lot magnesium, important for blood glucose balance. Its inclusion in the diet can be useful if you need to reduce the amount of sweets.

Cinnamon also helps protect against possible sharp fluctuations in blood sugar levels and associated exacerbations of appetite (especially for all sweets), added endocrinologist Young.

If you constantly want to eat something sweet, you should get examined, since such an addiction can may be an indicator of serious health problems.

“Craving for sweets may indicate pre-existing problems. For example, stress, deficiency of chromium, iron, vitamin D, and so on,” Young warned.
The portal previously wrote that a constant preference for sweet foods is one of the signs of food addiction.

Important! Information is provided for reference purposes. Ask a specialist about contraindications and side effects and under no circumstances self-medicate. At the first signs of illness, consult a doctor.

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