Endocrinologist Young: flavors and dyes are especially harmful to the pancreas

dyes in sweets
According to endocrinologist Ekaterina Young, products with flavors and dyes have an extremely negative effect on the health of the pancreas.

Endocrinologist Young said that flavors and dyes are especially harmful to the pancreas. The doctor said that the body “especially strongly dislikes” these two additives, often found in modern foods.

“From the diet it is worth removing products that, in addition to fat, contain dyes and flavors,” the endocrinologist noted Young in conversation with Pravda.Ru.
In addition, the functioning of the gland is adversely affected by an excess of simple carbohydrates, leading to spikes in blood sugar. Yeast bread, baked goods made from white flour, products made from white dough, sweets – all this should be carefully controlled in the diet, the doctor emphasized.

Young also advised avoiding the consumption of unhealthy fats – for example, those present in sausages and sausages . At the same time, the doctor advised, there is no need to completely deprive yourself of fat, this is also harmful.

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