Doctor Shapovalenko named refusal to ventilate among the mistakes in treating colds

Doctor Tatyana Shapovalenko: fear of ventilating the room interferes with the treatment of colds.

Doctor Shapovalenko named the key mistakes in the treatment of colds. Among them, the doctor included the refusal to ventilate using open windows.

“Improper nutrition, staying in unventilated rooms and taking antibiotics are the main mistakes in the treatment of colds,” informed the expert of the “About the Most Important” program.
Shapovalenko warned: the reluctance to open windows and ventilate the room contributes to the accumulation of a large mass of viral particles in the stale air, which are released by sick people (or even one person with a cold). This promotes infection in healthy people and worsens the condition of those who are already sick. In addition, staying in a room where the windows do not open can cause hypoxia, which makes you feel worse and interferes with recovery.

Many people, having caught a cold, stop eating, experiencing a decrease in appetite. According to Shapovalenko, this is also a mistake.

“With the complete exclusion of food, a condition such as acidosis develops – this leads to damage to organs and tissues,” the doctor warned.
Speaking about medicinal treatment of colds, the specialist called the use of antibiotics a mistake. According to her, these drugs should be used exclusively as prescribed by a doctor and provided that a person has developed a bacterial infection as a complication.

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Important! Information is provided for reference purposes. Ask a specialist about contraindications and side effects and under no circumstances self-medicate. At the first signs of illness, consult a doctor.

Tatyana Shapovalenko Tatiana Shapovalenko Health chief physician of the hospital, Doctor of Medical Sciences